WakeUPgirl and Majors Leadership are now joining forces to create one comprehensive program for girls, teens AND women!

Since 2007 wakeUPgirl has offered programs, services and resources for women to be inspired and WAKE UP to live the amazing lives they’ve only dreamed of.   In 2015, we merged wakeUPgirl and Majors Leadership organizations in order to provide a streamlined approach to working with girls, teens and women.  In doing so, our aim is to work with MORE individuals who are inspired to create and LIVE the life they've always dreamed of. We are happy to continue to offer:

Relationship Counseling & Support

A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that discussing  a breakup and considering the reasons why it might have happened is often helpful as reflection helps regain a sense of self, which makes it easier to move on. 

Dr. Michelle Majors is highly trained in pastoral care and counseling through Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry​. Using her personal experiences, she specializes in assisting women as they deal with the ending of a relationship and move on "baggage-free".  

You'll be able to:

  • ​Better handle the stress and anxiety of moving on
  • Address the core issues that lay at the heart of the relationship
  • Deal with the anger, grief and sadness that grip day-to-day experiences
  • Begin to put the pieces in place to create a new future

Sister Circles

Research on anxiety treatment with women of color reveals a need to develop spaces that address factors relevant to their lives.

Sister circles are such a space that allow women of color to come together to address culturally relevant feelings of isolation, pressures of multiple roles assumed by women of color, family, relationships, concern about their purpose/future and to commune with each other in sisterhood.

If you'd like to arrange a sister circle email us at info@leadHERshipAcademy.com.​


Michelle Majors is a passionate community leader and educator devoting over 20 years creating transformational learning and healing spaces where women are inspired and equipped to become compassionate, authentic and engaged leaders.  Michelle's speaking experience includes:

  • Tedx Seattle University
  • Presenter - The 2015 Doctoral Leadership Symposium at Seattle University
  • Guest Lecturer - various community colleges in Washington State
  • Conference Speaker - Seattle University's Global Justice Research Conference and NAACP's Women Conference in Everett, Washington

Michelle's approach to speaking is practical, simple, funny, yet real.  Audiences are not only engaged, but they will walk away with new insights and perspectives about transforming their own lives. 

More about Michelle's speaking - Click HERE

If you'd like to book Michelle for a speaking engagement email her at michelle@majorsleadership.org.