College Women

In college, women of color often contend with many challenges that impact and (often) impede their academic performance.  This is especially so in higher education institutions that are predominantly White.  Variables such as faculty teaching styles, monocultural curricula, social/emotional exclusion and the overall institutional culture that fails to weave her cultural values into the fabric of the university or college; can leave a woman of color with feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and ineptitude.

The need to create bonds with peers who are sharing her experiences becomes not only important but critical to the academic, social and emotional support of a college woman of color.  

The Leadership Lounge

The Leadership Lounge is a Leadership Development Series for women of color on various college campuses - specifically predominantly White colleges and universities.

The intention of this series is to create a safe space where college women of color can support one another socially and emotionally, share resources and simply feel validated and valued - all while developing skills as leaders.

Our goals are: 

  • For every woman of color at the participating university to develop an awareness of her own leadership potential personally, professionally and academically
  • To teach young women how to develop internal leadership resources that inform their external leadership roles
  • To assist women in being able to take risks and reach beyond their own self-imposed limitations
  • Expose and connect participants to other women of color who are leaders in various domains
  • Support young women with career/life and academic direction


  • Location: Various college/university campuses
  • Days: Bi-weekly
  • Session Length: 90-minutes for duration of semester or quarter

If you are interested in conducting a Leadership Lounge at your college campus, complete the below form: