The Organization

Majors Leadership is a nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington.

Research shows that African American girls face significantly more racial and social barriers that prohibit their fullest expression as leaders. Therefore, our programs are designed with them in mind. 

By creating structured and safe spaces where open and authentic dialogue can occur, we believe that we can make significant progress in helping young women understand and actualize their power as leaders.  Therefore the essence of our work is conducted through intimate talking circles, structured activities and exposure to other women leaders to serve as role models and mentors.

      The Research


A society where every girl and woman is powerfully positioned and equipped to make the best choices for her self and her life.


Our mission is to create spaces for girls, teens and women of color to strive, reach and maintain excellence in every area of her life.

Our Work

Through decades of engagement with girls, teens and women in various capacities, we've discovered that there are five core elements that must be present when assisting them in expanding their leadership capacities.  When implemented, these elements will create an environment for leadership to arise naturally.