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Life and leadership development programs for future visionaries and world changers

Majors Leadership is a registered nonprofit organization based in Seattle, Washington. As a life and leadership development program created for girls, teens and women of color, our intention is to provide the safe space, guidance and resources for them to define, perceive and powerfully express themselves as leaders. MORE

We envision a society where every girl and woman is powerfully positioned and
equipped to make the best choices for her self and her life.


Have you been  looking for the perfect place to invest your time, talent and resources?  Look no further! Check all the open opportunities.



We are on a mission to offer our programs free of charge to girls, teens and women in our community.  This can only be done with your help. 



Our youth programs are designed to teach your daughter or loved one the skills to transition through life with faith and confidence in herself. 


Michelle's Research on African American Girls and Leadership

Me? A Leader?

An Examination of African American Girls and their Perceptions of Leadership

Until recently, there has been very little research conducted on African American girls and the concept of leadership.  With a preponderance of existing literature focusing on issues such as teenage pregnancy, obesity, high school dropout rates and violence among urban African American girls, I set out to conduct research that would provide a healthy view of African American girls as leaders and agents of change. The purpose of this study was to give them a voice to share how they come to define, perceive, and express themselves as leaders.  One hundred percent of respondents acknowledged the importance of mentors, safe confidential spaces and opportunities/access to resources that would aid in their ability to succeed as leaders. 

This camp was more than I ever could have imagined for my daughter! Thank you for blessing us, Michelle.
A month later, Natalie is still talking about the limousine ride and luncheon!  Her mother and I can't thank you enough.
WOW!  We've struggled with Desiree's shyness for a long time.  When I saw her in the talent show singing in front of all those people, I was blown away!Thank you so much.  She's already talking about next year!
Michelle, thank you for offering this program for the girls!  Last night when Jasmine recited the "Leadership Creed" to me and her grandmother, we both started crying when she said, "I KNOW who I am".  All we've ever wanted was for Jasmine to know who she truly is and to love herself.  I'm so glad that this is being taught to our girls! She has learned so much and she is so excited to go to camp each day.  This camp is very much needed and the fact that you offer it for free is truly a gift!THANK YOU!

The I.D.E.A.L. Model of Leadership

  • The power of the mind or IMAGINATION is what allows us to be able to attract what we desire.
  • Only when we have a clear DESTINATION can we truly began to take ordered, intentional steps
  • When we are surrounded by people who hold high EXPECTATIONS of us, we are more likely to meet those expectations.
  • Until we are truly ACCOUNTABLE for our lives, we will never be able "lead our ship" to the destination we envisioned.
  • When actions are done in LOVE - we all win

Dr. Michelle Majors

Majors Leadership Creed